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Education With a Purpose: A Blog About Trade Schools

All You Need To Know About HR Licences

Irene Tucker

A Heavy Rigid (HR) licence is your best bet when you need to upgrade your current truck licence. Typically, the permit allows you to drive a wide range of trucks and buses. For instance, you can drive bendy and articulated buses and trucks and buses with more axles and heavier masses. Moreover, you can tow trailers that have a mass within acceptable limits. Simply put, the licence allows you to earn more from your trade since you join an elite group of drivers in the market. If you wish to apply for an HR licence, below are a few things you should know.


Not all drivers qualify for HR licence training. You will need to have held a class C licence for the length of time required in your locality. Alternatively, you need a Light Rigid (LR) or Medium Rigid (MR) licence. Moreover, you must undergo an eyesight test and medical assessment to ensure you do not have illnesses or conditions that could predispose you to cause accidents. For instance, an epileptic attack could affect your vehicle handling skills, causing an accident on the road. 


There are several ways to earn your HR licence. First, you could engage the services of an instructor teaching youth driver education courses. The instructor should have an HR or more advanced licence. Second, you could ask a friend who has held an HR licence for the required length of time to train you. Finally, you could enrol for an HR driving course in a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In most cases, RTOs are a preferable choice since they have highly skilled trainers with years of experience in offering HR driving lessons. When looking for an RTO, ensure it is close to your locality and offers flexible training options. Remember, you may wish to study the course when still working. 

What to Expect During Training  

One of the dilemmas you will face during training is whether to take a condition B HR licence or an unrestricted HR licence. The former qualifies you to drive HR trucks with an automatic or synchromesh gearbox, while the latter permits you to operate trucks with a road ranger transmission. Typically, these trucks compel the driver to double clutch and match the engine revs as they drive. Once you make your choice, your instructor introduces you to the theory and practical aspects of the course. During theory classes, you learn how to inspect the truck, conduct cabin drills, secure loads, and interpret the road signs. Practical classes introduce you to HR truck driving. For instance, you learn how to reverse, corner, hill start, and change gears. After the course, you take a test to gauge your competence. You receive your HR licence after passing the test.  

Contact a driving instructor for more information about HR licences


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