Education With a Purpose: A Blog About Trade Schools

Education With a Purpose: A Blog About Trade Schools

Four Tips Before Taking Your HR Test

Irene Tucker

Attaining an HR licence can be a daunting yet exciting process. With many things to do and learn beforehand, below are four pointers for aspiring drivers to consider.

Be Focused and Prepared

The test to get your licence will probably be at least 45 minutes long. The test will put your skills to task, and you will be exhibiting what you have learned and revised before taking the course. Make sure to be prepared the night before; get a good night's sleep, make sure to eat right and drink plenty of water. While it may seem like obvious advice, nerves and anxiety are commonplace and have the potential to mess with otherwise well thought out plans.

Nail Your Pre-Checks

Pre-checks are an important part of operating any vehicle and failure to perform said pre-checks will result in a fail. Pre-checks will be an everyday part of life, so its good to get in the habit of performing them. Below is a summarised pre-check.

  • Brakes

It is important to make sure that the brake failure indicators, the pressure gauge and the air tank drain are working and fully operational.

  • Couplings

Make sure that all couplings are securely connected such as the towbar, drawbar and ballrace.

  • Wheels & Tyres

Check that tyres are properly inflated and if wheels are securely attached to the vehicle.

  • Structure and Condition

Make sure the overall visible structure is okay and that the horn is working properly.

  • Lights and Reflectors

Inspect lights and reflectors to see whether they are operational or not.

  • Windscreens and Windows

Windows should be working and be able to retract. Also, make sure to check windscreen wipers.

  • Engine and Exhaust

The most important thing to inspect regarding the engine and exhaust is for fluid leaking. Check also when starting the vehicle if any warning light indicators remain on.

Making use of mirrors

While many are used to using their wing-mirrors, in a smaller vehicle people often only make use of the one closest to them. It Is important for would-be operators of heavy vehicles to get in the habit of utilising both mirrors. Naturally, using mirrors comes in very handy when operating large vehicles, as it can be hard to fully be aware of your surroundings.

Prioritise Training Schools

While in the past it may have been easier to get an HR licence, policy and regulation in Australia have consequently made it understandably harder to attain one. As a result of this, however, there are a wealth of different training schools with excellent reputations across Australia. While training with a school can be perceived as expensive, the experience gained is bar-none. The biggest reason for failure is inadequate time behind the wheel prior to being tested, so make sure to get as many hours as you can before taking the exam.

For more information, contact an HR driving course service.


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