Education With a Purpose: A Blog About Trade Schools

Education With a Purpose: A Blog About Trade Schools

Three Ways To Maximise Your Job-Hunting Potential

Irene Tucker

Trying to find a new job can be difficult, whether you're out of work or looking to leave your current job. However, there are a few things you can do to maximise your chances of success, whether you decide to update your CV, work with an employment agency or work on your interview skills.

Make Yourself A Great CV

Your CV forms a potential employer's first impression of you, so work hard to make sure it's a good one! Carefully and concisely outline what work you've done in the past, as well as your educational attainments, pointing out concrete things you've achieved in your work. If there are gaps in your CV, come up with an honest and concrete explanation, as well as considering doing some voluntary work to increase your chances of scoring an interview. You should also make sure you aren't making common CV mistakes, as explained by the Guardian – such as packing your CV with clichés or trying too hard to embellish your experience. 

Sign Up To An Employment Agency

To boost your chances of getting interviews and job opportunities, consider signing up for an employment agency. They can help to connect you with opportunities that you might not otherwise find and can vouch for you with employers, giving you some extra credibility with them. They can also help you with your CV and interview skills if that's something you need. Spend some time looking for employment agencies with good reviews in your local area and make contact with them. Find out in detail what their terms are and what they offer – and remember, as Reed points out, a good employment agency will never ask you for money for their services. 

Perfect Your Interview Technique

If you're getting interviews and not jobs, or if you simply don't feel that you're impressing potential employers in person, you might need to refine your interview skills. Ask a friend to practice with you and make sure you can answer common questions, such as why you want the job and what skills you can bring to the role. You may also want to ask friends (or your employment agency) for their opinions on your interview outfit, manner of speaking, and general interview behaviour. Finally, make sure you ask your previous interviewers for feedback, as well as choosing some good questions to ask at the end – Business Insider suggests that you find out what the ideal candidate would look like or how past employees have succeeded in the position. 

By following the simple tips above and by putting effort and thought into every part of your application, you can stand out from the crowd and maximise your job-hunting success.


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